"Kitsune-Ken" Limited Edition Print
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"Kitsune-Ken" 狐拳

9"x 9"  (Framed to 10"x 10")

Pen and Ink on hand cut, suspended, layered paper

It was a breezy fall afternoon as he was walking home along the edge of the dark forest as something sparked his attention.  Out of the forest a fox was slowly walking towards him, or so he thought, as it started shifting form into a beautiful young woman.  He could not avert his gaze.

Kitsune, the Japanese fox, are often seen as an omen and act as messengers of the spirit Inari. They are tricksters and shapeshifters. They progressively earn up to nine tails through their wisdom and longevity. They gain first the ability to turn into a human and later the form of a beautiful woman - at which time they earn the first of their tails.  This work depicts her first appearance in an ongoing series about Therianthropy and shapeshifting.  The name is derived from an old Japanese rock-paper-scissors-like game, and translates  as “Fox Fist”.  Players simultaneously choose between a supernatural fox (狐, kitsune) which defeats the village head (庄屋, shouya) that defeats the hunter (猟師, ryoushi) ; the hunter defeats the fox.

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