6 1/8" x 6 1/8" (Framed to 8"x 8")

Pen and Ink on hand cut, suspended, layered paper

The title of this piece translates "the pathos of things" and is used to describe a sentiment of impermanence and the transience of things, and a wistfulness of their passing. The rabbit is caught by the red string, unable to escape its fate, while the flowers are a poetic reference to the last wildflowers seen in the depths of autumn: hagi (bush clover, Lespedeza bicolor), suzuki (tail flower, Miscanthus sinensis ), kuzu (arrowroot, Pueraria lobata), nadeshiko (fringed pink, Dianthus superbus), ominaeshi (valerian, Patrinia scabiosaefolia), fujibakama (mistflower, Eupatorium japonicum), and kikyo (balloon flower, Platycodon grandiflorum).

This piece is in the European Vanitas tradition, artistic work that recalls to the viewer the value of reflecting on our own mortality.


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