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"The Hunt" Limited Edition Print
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The Hunt

9"x 9"  (Framed to 10"x 10")

Pen and Ink on hand cut, suspended, layered paper

A howl pierced the silence of the snow-covered forest as the first arrow penetrated her skin.  She could not comprehend how the person she fell in love with could be the one drawing the string and leading the rest of the village to hunt her down.  

Surrounded by the wailing forest she started to accept the pain that would never leave her heart.

This work is a part of an ongoing series about Therianthropy and shapeshifting. This piece featuring the Kitsune, japanese trickster fox, is often seen as an omen and messenger of the spirit Inari which ties directly into the storyline of the “Kitsune-Ken”.  This piece is an exploration and introspective study on the initial shock and the creeping feeling of loss from the pain of betrayal and the breakage of trust that occurs within interpersonal relationships.  The main character is being blindsided by the cruelty shown by the hunter.